Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cure for Cabin-Fever (Tyler)

While the weather here in Ohio isn't the best hiking weather (at least not up in NW Ohio where the wind makes a walk outside painful) I decided to go to the Toledo Zoo two weeks ago to try my hand at aquarium photography.  It was extremely peaceful as I was the only person in the aquarium although there were several challenges I had to overcome.  One difficulty was to pay attention to the subject being photographed as well as keeping an eye on the reflections on the glass surface.  Then I had to overcome the obstacle of photographing fast moving subjects in a low-light situation... nothing my Canon EOS 5D couldn't handle.  Here's my favorite photograph taken in the aquarium.  I am interested in the bubbles that seem to suspend the fish.


Nathanael Gass said...

Welcome to the blogging staff! Nice picture, the fish looks like it is leaping!

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