Sunday, October 5, 2008

Photojournalism and Introduction!

Hey Nature’s Best Student Photographers!
I’m Maya Robinson, the Assistant Editor to Nature’s Best Photography Students. I’ll be posting about photojournalism.

A little bit about my background I grew up in Vermont where I was surrounded by the natural world! I’m currently a sophomore at Duke University in North Carolina, studying Visual Arts and Sociology. Along with classes, I’m the Photo Editor of The Chronicle Duke’s daily newspaper. Before coming to Duke, I had a four year internship with my local newspaper and I’ve worked with Nature’s Best for two years.

I explored another form of photojournalism during a yearlong exchange in Amravati India and curated traveling and gallery exhibit of my experiences. One of those photographs was included in the 2007 Windland Smith Rice International Photography exhibit at the Smithsonian of Natural History.

Part of my job as Photo Editor of a daily college newspaper is to teach new staff photographers how to use and care for the equipment, , how to approach a news assignment, how to keep the important principals of photography in mind and how to follow the etiquette of photojournalism. The Chronicle has 5 different departments, News, Sports, Online, Recess (an art and entertainment weekly supplement), and Towerview (a monthly magazine). Here is the link to The Chronicle:

I’ll be posting weekly about the ever changing excitement and frustrations inherent in photojournalism, and how you can get involved!


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Anonymous said...

Glad to see that you are keeping busy! I'm getting ready for a 10 day trip to photograph Fall Colors in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. If you've got time, we have room for you! Also am planning a day trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway next weekend and you're invited. I don't know how good that Duke cafeteria food is, but when you're ready for a homecooked meal, give a call. I'm only about an hour away.
Gabby's Dad