Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Panoramas (Gabby Salazar)

I spent five weeks in Badlands National Park earlier this year as an Artist in Residence. Everyday I explored the park with my my camera. It was often very chilly and there were not many people in the park during the winter. While I was shooting I tried to remember to take images that I could stitch together to make panoramic images. My friends kept telling me how easy it is to automate paoramic stitching in Photoshop CS3 and I wanted to try it when I got around to upgrading from CS2 to CS3. I took many series using my tripod and panning to take images in a row, both vertically and horizontally and I overlapped each image by about 1/3 to make sure that Photoshop would have enough information to stitch them together. Finally I'm reviewing images and have gotten around to stitching some of the panoramas. It really is incredibly easy. You simply select the "Photomerge" tool under "Automate" in the "File" dro-down menu, select the images you want to stitch and click OK. Check out some of the results.

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