Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Moving to School (Gabby Salazar)

I just arrived at school two days ago and have been in a rush to prepare for classes and arrange my room in my first apartment. Photography usually takes a backseat during the school year, but I have made a commitment to take more photos this year. In the past, I have been limited to squirrels and a few pigeons - this year I brought my car along and will have a chance to explore some of the beautiful places in New England.

I am also thinking about accepting some photography assignments for my school newspaper. I'll send an update later in the week when I am in New York.

Here is a photo from a wedding I photographed a few weekends ago. I'm finally getting around to processing all of the images. It was my first time photographing a wedding and whew, what a challenge. I did not sit down for four hours! It was a good experience, but not a career path for me.

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