Sunday, March 22, 2009

NANPA Summit, continued.

Sorry it's taken so long, here is some more info from the NANPA summit.

Wednesday: We had an all day macro workshop. We spent all day making images, playing around, and having fun! We had a blast, and it was one of the best days there. Our instructors that day were Nancy Rotenburg, Les Saucier, and Kris Morgan. It was amazing!

Thursday: We attended the Summit, and went to presentations from top nature photographers on so many different topics. It was amazingly educational, and I can't begin to relate all of the stuff I learned.

Friday: Same as Thursday, but we also got a pizza party (Thanks to Hunt's Photo) a talk about the Nature's Best Student magazine, and a chat with Art Wolfe.

Saturday: More learning, and a chat with Norbert Rosing. We also gave our speech and presentation to the general membership.
Sunday: We left.

Image Metadata: ISO 800, f/6.3, 1/5th of a second. Canon EOS 50D with 100mm macro lens. Tripod, flowerpod.


Johan said...

Sounds like fun! How did you like the 100mm Macro in comparison to your Tamron 180mm? What time did the summit end on Saturday?

Nathanael Gass said...

I loved the 100mm macro lens, but my favorite is still my Tamron 180mm. We also used a 180mm Canon, and that was really amazing. I wish I could shoot Canon now, but I'm already too deeply invested in Nikon.
The Summit ended at around 9:300 to 10:00, maybe even later. I didn't have a watch. The whole week was awesome.

Connor Stefanison said...

if i got to meet art wolfe. oughhhh

Johan said...

Connor, do you not like Art Wolfe? He is one of the top few nature photographers.

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