Sunday, March 1, 2009

NANPA Update (Gabby)

Hi Photographers -

I just returned from a fantastic week in New Mexico at the North American Nature Photography Association's annual Summit. There were just over 600 photographers and editors in attendance. There were presenters, vendors, and a lot of people passionate about protecting our environment through the art of photography. Overall, a very inspiring show.

I'd like to share a few highlights with you from the show (and some neat freebies I learned about).

First of all, check out Microsoft Pro Photo Tools at: The tools are free to download and include some great features. My favorite is the geo-tagging tool - it allows you to put GPS coordinates into the metadata (the file info) of each of your images. If you did not use a GPS unit when you were taking the pictures (most people do not), you can find your location on a map and the tool will write everything into your image, then you can put all of your images onto a map of the United States or the world to see where you've been and to show people your images by location. If you search around, you'll find all the instructions on the website.

My favorite presenter was Tim Laman - he is an excellent photographer who works for National Geographic and has a Ph. D in rainforest biology. His photography benefits from his extensive knowledge of natural history. Check out his website at

I will share more tips next week - for now, I've posted a photo that I just found in my archives.

Gabby Salazar


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