Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring hares (Jodie Randall)

Top: Brown hare looking out over fields.
Above: Marsh sunset. This image was taken a short distance from the field where I have been photographing the hares. As the sun disappeared below the horizon, mist began to creep across the marshland. The atmosphere was magical.

My 'search for the mad March hare' began rather unsuccessfully. After quite a few hours in the field, I had not seen many hares. I decided to wait a week before I returned again.
The weather here in Kent has been unusually warm for March. We have had a succession of sunny days culminating with impressive sunsets. I am not sure whether this has anything to do with the hare's increased activity or not, but I am certainly having more luck than I was a couple of weeks ago.
The hares are now a lot more visible, feeding in the fields in the evenings. Some individuals are particularly bold and have come very close to my car (which I am using as a hide). It is wonderful to see their burning amber eyes at such close range, watching me so intently. For me, these enchanting creatures truly encompass the essence of wildness.
When my car has remained still for long enough, I seem to be accepted as part of the landscape. I have witnessed a pair of grey partridges having a dust bath right in front of the vehicle and watched as a short-eared owl glided past hunting for prey only a few metres from where I was sitting.
The hares appear to be most active just as the sun goes down and mist begins to creep across the fields. I have seen them chasing each other, though I am beginning to think that is unlikely that I will see them 'boxing'.

Below: Hare Stretching


cicindela said...

Great shots - love the last one!

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